On Hiatus! Or probably deleted soon.. //

I'm Purin. I'm obsessed with Yaoi . u . Also I love anime and manga. If I like your blog, then I will stalk you °٢°
Jeez, don't you overreact much? ugh. it'd be best to delete your blog if you're not going to be prepared for this kind of stuff (i used to follow you but not anymore)

Well sorry that I’m an easily depressed and overreacting person. I take things like that hard, yes. And if you unfollowed, then okay. This blog is gone in a few seconds anyway.

This Blog will be deleted now. Bye bye.

Seriously that gave me the rest now

I’m on hiatus or whatever

Not that anyone cares if my blog is suddenly deleted anyway


Wow that Kise RP is a real bitch

I’m surprised that I hate someone in the KnB fandom now

Well fuck you

Going to bed, bit pissed though

Holy shit..

I just unfollowed a Kise RPer..

Cause boy you are rude to your followers

I just that ask someone sent you and how rude that mun was.. well fuck, I don’t wan to follow people like that

Aladdin: I can show you the world~♫

Judal: What the fuck are you doing kid?!

ryoukami replied to your post: I decided..


Eh I didn’t make it yet

I decided..

I’m gonna make a Neko!Kuroko tumblr..

and tease the hell out of all Aomine, Kise, and everyone else RPer